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Hello Jacksonville & Orange Park,

My name is Bob Mann. I'm a very popular music teacher in Jacksonville, with
lots of references and online reviews from all ages and genres. I teach beginners, intermediates and advanced students. I also compose music profesionally in a wide range of genres, so it's easy for me to teach what YOU want to play or sing.

Many students tell me that I'm an effective teacher. I started in music at the age of 9, I've had decades of professional training, and I've taught well over 1000 students since I was 16. I have taught all ages and all genres of music now for over 35 years, and I have loads of online reviews from students who are happy to back me up. My lessons are fun, effective and taught at the student's pace. I have personally developed an arsenal of great teaching techniques and lesson plans that will help you to overcome any problem or learning areas for guitar, voice, bass, production, or composition, and many other learning areas as well. I offer flexible scheduling, and no long-term contracts.

My studio has lots of cool tools for recording and writing notation or tab. I have written hundreds of songs in every style that you can imagine... and then some! If you like, I can teach you how. I have also placed students in local magnet school programs for classical guitar and voice, and I've achieved many top-placements in guitar competitions as well.

Every student is totally different. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. Whether you are on the fast-track or prefer to take your time. Whether you're younger, older or somewhere in between. My experience makes it easy for me to create an individual program that will help you reach your personal goals. I routinely draw students from the Beaches, St. Augustine, Marietta, and South Georgia because my methods work. So whether you are serious or would like to play or sing for fun, whether you prefer electric, acoustic, rock, alternative, classical, jazz, blues, country or any other genre, I can definitely deliver for you!

I'm fortunate to have many dedicated students, earned through my years of dedication to teaching music. I believe I can help you to learn as well as you are capable, and most of all, to have fun doing it! Please call me (non-text only) at (904)388-2521 to discuss the possibilities. Thanks for visiting!

In music!
Bob Mann

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5 / 5 by . - Posted:
Out of all the guitar teachers, I am convinced that Bob Mann is the best. In my short 5 months of taking lessons from him, I have learned more than I learned in 5 years with my other music teachers. His uncanny ability to hear and comprehend music, partnered with his love for composing, playing, and teaching guitar has created a musical genius and master. He will actually listen to his students, and teach them what they want, which is seldom among teachers nowadays. Anyone, from kids to adults, should take lessons from him, and would be lucky to take lessons from him. It's difficult to find a teacher who knows what he is talking about and is professional, but also is passionate and real about what he does. If you are looking for excellent guitar lessons that are at a reasonable price then he is by far your best option. You will undoubtedly get WAY more than what you pay for.
- Alyssa, Jacksonville, Fl
Alyssa likes Alternative acoustic gtr. She had five years of piano & music lessons before coming to me for guitar lessons a few months ago. I am so humbled by her words. It just makes me want to work that much harder for you guys. Thank you Alyssa!

5 / 5 by - Posted:
Bob is giving my 14 year old voice lesson's and after only two lessons my son says he can tell a differce in his voice and so can i. My son also took guitar lessons with Bob for about 3 years and last year at LaVilla School of the Arts he recieved the honor of excellence in classical guitar. Mr.Mann is great teacher.
- Donna Oster, Jacksonville, Fl.
Donna is the mother of student Payton. He started with me on guitar and has returned for voice and more guitar. Thank you for your awesome review!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
Great Teacher! I have been playing guitar since I was 15, never took lessons and never got very good. Had a couple of referals to try Bob out and I've not been disappointed. We've gone back to the begining so that I can get the theory and it's really starting to fall into place, he has some simple tools to help it all make sense. He knows about every facet of music that I've mentioned and has the ability to explain it in a way I can get. If you want to get better at playing, or learn the theory, Bob's your guy.
- Mike P., Jacksonville, Fl.
Mike is a player who wants to improve his technique and songwriting skills. So, we're hitting the theory and basics pretty hard. Thanks for your review Mike! Glad I'm able to help.

5 / 5 .- Posted:
Bob is the Mann. His ability, musical knowledge and playing and writing experience put him at an expert level, but you get the feeling that he still remembers what it feels like to learn and how much patience it takes to progress. This makes him a fantastic teacher for students of all levels. I've been playing guitar for 15 years at a relatively high level, but I have no problem learning new things from Bob every lesson. He also has an extremely diverse range of tastes and genres that he can utilize to move the lessons in virtually any direction. The combination of his skills as a player and teacher and his reasonable pricing makes him the best deal in town for students of any level.
- Philip P., Jacksonville, Fl
Philip likes a wide range of acoustic and electric styles. He came to me after taking a break from playing for a while, so his goals are to regain his strength & dexterity, improve technique, increase his range of genres, and explore music theory. Thanks Philip!

5 / 5 - Posted:
Bob is a Great Instructor. I've been playing guitar for about 7 years on and off, mostly teaching myself. Despite the time, I've remained a beginner / intermediate player throughout the better part of the last decade. I've tried three guitar instructors prior to Bob with little to no useful results. This may sound a bit of an excessive accolade, but Bob has been a great instructor. I've been going to him for a couple of months now, and he's been able to quickly identify weak points in my playing and work to correct them. He's not one of those instructors who can *just* play - he can actually teach the instrument, and it's very clear that he understands the underlying theory and, more importantly, he can clearly, methodically explain it. If you're a guitar player of any level wanting to advance your skills, I would *highly* recommend you take a lesson from him.
- Adam, Jacksonville, Fl.
Adam likes a wide range of electric guitar styles. Adam, I can't thank you enough for your review. See you next week!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
Dear Bob, I want to offer my recommendation to anyone considering you for lessons in guitar, either acoustic or electric. Your abilities, not only as an accomplished musician yourself, but as a teacher, are truly extraordinary, and I am incredibly blessed to have found you here in the Jacksonville area. So please, if there is ever anyone who I can speak to on your behalf, I hope you will allow me. I would love to spread the word of your fantastic abilities as a music teacher!
With the greatest sincerity and appreciation,
-- Constance Stafford, Jacksonville, Fl.
Constance is the mother of beginner MC. He likes alternative, electric gtr, speed-metal, etc. Thank you Constance very much for your humbling recommendation!

5 / .- Posted:
Bob is a master teacher! I spent a couple hours weeding through people that advertised they provide guitar lessons. I was searching for someone that I could relate to and learn quickly from while working in Florida. By some stroke of luck…or Divine intervention…I found Bob’s entry. This guy was different than the others. I told him my situation, he understood completely. I can’t recommend Bob enough to anyone who is interested in taking lessons in guitar, keyboard or voice. He has a knack of making you want to practice, want to be successful and feel confident that one day, in time….you will! Thanks Bob!
-- Mark Carlton, Electronics Engineer, Aspiring guitar player, Silverdale, Washington
Mark is a former beginner who was visiting from Washington State, working in Jacksonville under a short-term contract. So, he was on a fast-track program for learning guitar. He likes acoustic gtr and lite-rock. Glad I was able to help you. Thanks Mark! Keep up the good work... Now, get back to practicing!!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
If you're looking for a cool, easily understandable teacher who will tirelessly work with you until you succeed, I highly recommend Bob Mann. I could not be happier with the results I have achieved so far. Even after the first few lessons my overall technique had improved greatly. Bob really has a knack for observing and identifying problems with the student's play style, and can always give you at least a few different ways to approach and resolve the issue. In all honesty, I cannot think of a better match than Bob.
-- Eric Barrier, Jacksonville, Fl.
Eric comes to me as a player of 4 1/2 years. He's been with me for several months now. Eric likes writing Ultra-fast metal shred licks, etc., and he also wants to make sure all the notes blend well together and work properly. Speed is great, but Eric understands that all the speed in the world won't cover up bad notes! Keep up the good work, Eric. You write great music, man. Thanks!

5 / 5 - Posted:
I've been playing for a little more than 2 years and taking lessons from Bob for about 6 months. My skill level has grown exponentially in the time I've spent with him. The techniques Bob teaches you will make you a much better musician.
-- Steve, Jacksonville, Fl.
Steve likes to play a variety of different acoustic and electric guitar styles, each requiring different techniques and knowledge. Keep at it Steve! Thanks for your recommendation. See you in two weeks!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
If its guitar, keyboard, voice or bass guitar, Bob will teach you everything you need to know. He's probably one of the most experienced music teachers around, and he's NOT expensive. I've been taking guitar lessons from him for about a year and a half. I travel from Folkston Georgia so there's no way its too far for anyone in Jacksonville.
-- Dillon M, Folkston Ga.
Dillon is serious about it. He came to me as a totally green beginner. But now he likes to do challenging projects, from rock to classical guitar and music reading, to speed-metal, with a focus on songwriting and lead guitar in all genres. Now he's beginning to write solid songs and produce his own works in my studio. He's always searching for ground-breaking style and new approaches that re-invent the norms. Thanks, Dillon!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
I’ve been taking guitar lessons from Bob for over a year now and have made significant progress. He tailored a program to fit what I wanted to learn at my pace. He has taught me everything from basic to advance techniques by helping me learn songs that I listen to and want to play. On top of having a tremendous portfolio of music he knows, he has an uncanny ability to break-down music he has never heard and teach me how to play it. I have thoroughly enjoyed not only his teaching but also his company and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve their guitar skills.
-- Sean Thibodaux, St. Augustine, FL.
Sean likes everything from acoustic gtr to Alternative and Hard-Core rock. His wife started with guitar first. After a year of seeing her progress in gtr and voice, Sean wanted to get in on it too. Welcome aboard! I've enjoyed teaching both of you immensely! Thanks, Sean!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
I've been a student for about 2 1/2 yrs. I drive from St Aug. once a wk for guitar & voice lessons. From the start, Bob has let me choose the material that I want to work on. He quickly learns new songs & helps me to break it down to learn more quickly.
-- Janet Thibodaux, St. Augustine, Fl.
Janet is a beginner who likes Country, Alternative Rock, and singing. I've enjoyed seeing her progress from the very beginning. She also likes to record her projects in my studio. What a dedicated and courageous student, who is not afraid to tackle any challenge! I teach her husband electric gtr too. Thank you, Janet!

5 / 5 by .- Posted:
Bob, I would like to say thank you for the time you have spent teaching me. I really have learned so much and I'm extremely grateful. I hope that we still have lots of learning time. I enjoy the environment and the lessons. I wanna say good job, thank you, and merry Christmas.
-- Rosa O, Mandarin, Fl
Rosa comes to me as an awesome 5-6 year player who already writes incredible songs. She likes everything that is acoustic gtr. She also challenges me with her desire to learn everything from advanced songwriting techniques, advanced music theory, classical guitar and music reading, to recording her projects in my studio. I never know what direction she will take me when she's here. I love the musical variety. Thank you, Rosa!

Rating: 5.0 - 13 reviews
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